How to lose weight properly without harming your health

It is possible to lose weight without stress or harming your health. You only need to know how to do it and stick to certain rules. These are what we will talk about.

To make the weight loss process as comfortable and safe for the body as possible, you must first balance the psycho-emotional state and make preparations.

To do this, you need:

1. Two weeks before starting to lose weight, start a course of soothing herbal teas and anti-stress natural essential oils (these can be: lavender, ylang-ylang, mandarin, vanilla, etc.).

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Determine the body mass index (BMI). It is calculated according to the formula:


Balanced Diet for

Weight Lose



M - weight, kg

P - height, m

19-24 - norm

25-29 - overweight

30 and more - obesity


Weight - 84 kg

Height - 1,67 m


The result corresponds to obesity.

Why can't you lose weight if you don't eat enough?

It's not hard to lose weight

you will be helped by faith and strength

and we'll help you with that

Often people don't really understand what causes their being overweight. And more often than not, without understanding the issue, they refer to a special constitution, broad bone, heredity, hormones, etc.

Here are just a few of the possible reasons:

1. Unconsciously eating "extra" calories.

2. Consumption of spicy food.

3. Eating not from hunger, but from boredom.

4. Snacking "for company.

5. Overeating and a distended stomach.

6. Eating stress and unpleasantness.

7. Late meals / snacking / tea drinking.

8. Use of rigid diets and starvation.

9. Not following the "rules of the plate".

10. Not following the proportions of calories consumed during the day.

11. Transition to dietary and fasting meals.

12 Exclusion from the menu of habitual products without the introduction of alternative products in the diet.

13. Cooking dishes "by eye" (without weighing ingredients and calculating calories). 14.

14. Eating foods that do not correspond to the food type. 15.

15. Finishing eating after the loved ones.

16. Eating large amounts of sugar.

17. Stocking up on food.

18. Lack of daily weight control.

19. Lack of a food diary. 20.

20. Lack of clean water in the daily diet.

Why can't you lose weight if you don't eat enough?

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